Zack Frazier
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To assume an exciting position within a creative environment that values independent thinking and fresh design. The ideal position will provide challenging opportunities to exercise skills in managing multiple tasks, developing new processes, and facilitating teamwork.


> More than eight years of design and front-end development experience
> Experienced Team Lead and Production Manager
> Highly skilled in front-end development technologies, visual design and information architecture
> Extensive experience working in a version-controlled environment
> Trained in facilitation and project communication planning
> Strong problem investigation and resolution skills
> Effective team player


ORBITZ _ Chicago IL
[ Feb 2002 - May 2003 ] = Lead Front-End Developer

> Managed front-end development for Air product, which features the unique Orbitz' Matrix Display and realizes around 500,000 bookings per month. Primary responsibilities included: assessing impact of new functionality and features, searching and booking enhancements, investigating and fixing bugs. Also managed other key areas, such as Customer Care, My Stuff, Login and Registration, and Orbitz Rewards.

> Led implementation of Orbitz' Flexible Searching functionality. The expanded search options allow users to search by weekends, a range of dates, or length of trip. The Calendar Matrix Display organizes the results in easy-to-understand grid highlighting the lowest price. Cooperated with back-end team to develop a simple strategy for organizing the results data to ensure rapid load time.

> Managed implementation of co-branded Lycos product. Developed a strategy to overlay Lycos branding on the existing Orbitz codebase with co-branded features pulled from standardized directories. The open-ended approach required minimal code changes and allows easy implementation of other co-brands and affiliates.

> Developed repeatable production process involving Business Requirements review, Information Architecture feedback, visual design validation, HTML/JSP coding, browser/platform compatibility, strategies for merging front-end and back-end development, and sustained involvement with QA.

[ Feb 2001 - Feb 2002 ] = Independent Contractor

> Supervised production team of fifteen for the Orbitz launch. By developing well-tested templates and organizing smaller teams with individual leaders for each content area, the team created over 500 HTML pages in six weeks.

> Established company-wide standards for browser support, HTML/JSP coding, directory structure, as well as templates for multiple page types. Also, delivered templates to third-party vendors and partners, and worked closely to ensure adherence to Orbitz coding and visual standards.

VIANT _ Chicago IL
[ Aug 2000 - Feb 2001 ] = Graphic Designer

> Led creative development of successful new business pitch for international luxury and adventure travel company. The prospective client requested a proposal, as well as a working demo from 12 separate agencies for a potential $5 million project. Worked with a team of six to build a multimedia demo illustrating the full-life cycle of the travel experience. Represented creative group at presentation to senior company officials.

> Participated in initial architecture of Northwestern Mutual Financial Network site. Coordinated design of multiple looks - from portal to brochureware - to illustrate different ways to leverage services. Known as the "Quiet Company," special consideration was made to respect brand image as the company expanded into new areas.

ZEFER _ Chicago IL
[ May 1999 - June 2000 ] = Production Manager

> Led creative and managed production of pro-bono website for La Rabida Children's Hospital. Developed close relationship with client to create a fun, yet informative site taking full advantage of the hospital's playful brand. Trained staff to maintain site post-launch.

> Coordinated learning and development for Chicago Experience Design group. Informed employees of relevant training opportunities to promote individual development. Spearheaded formation of a Design Library: acquired periodicals, books, image collections and font packages. Also, consulted with enterprise Learning & Development group for large company initiatives and rollouts.

> Led ZEFER's participation in Chicago's Cows on Parade. Proceeds of more than $20,000 from sale of the "ZEFER Hefer" went to La Rabida Children's Hospital. Also, participated in planning internal morale building events such as Spring Break 2000, a day-long celebration of company achievements.

Neoglyphics Media Corporation _ Chicago IL
[ Sept 1997 - May 1999 ] = Visual & Technical Designer

> Led production for Sears Appliance site. This e-commerce launch was the most dynamic offering for Sears at the time. Reworked internal maintenance and change requests process to function more efficiently with Sears' build schedules.

> Managed weekly site updates and maintenance for, which included seasonal redesigns and holiday features. Also, managed development of several Sears mini-sites like Todo Para Ti and Wishbook.

> Led creative and production of pro-bono website for Stop AIDS Chicago, complete with information about safe-sex, HIV/AIDS, as well as local and web resources for Chicago's gay and lesbian community.

> Developed web site concepts and user interfaces for clients such as 3Com, Fisher Scientific, Simon and Schuster, and School of the Art Institute of Chicago. Also, managed maintenance for Sara Lee Corporation site.


Master of Fine Arts
University of Illinois at Chicago _ Chicago IL

Bachelor of Fine Arts
University of Louisville _ Louisville KY

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