Cows on Parade
In the summer of 1999, ZEFER purchased a "blank" fiberglass cow as part of Chicago's highly-sucessful Cows on Parade. Colleen Milani, Josh Brunaugh, Colleen Murray, Syndy Ziegenfuss and I came up with the idea of a flaming, racing cow named after Evil Knievel's son, Robbie. Our cow was displayed near Wacker and Michigan Avenue.
I was volunteered to pick up the cow since I owned a truck.
All cows were auctioned to benefit local charities. "Robbie" brought $24,000 dollars, all of which went to La Rabida Children's Hospital, a wonderful Chicago hospital that often gets overshadowed.
A small website used to solicit cow ideas.
Finished "Robbie"
A weird ripoff found as a 7" cover in Germany.
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