"There is no truth to the rumors that Bert and Ernie are married."
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Doesn't it seem like the web is very queer.
Maybe that's all I see because that's all I'm looking for most of the time. It makes it hard trying to come up with your own page about queer stuff though. What do you put in it. I'm not really connected to any organization, and some of my views about being queer probably aren't the most popular.
But I do try to read as much about gay issues as I can. So I'm going to begin by offering some insightful and sometimes quite humorous texts that I have enjoyed. I may even throw some in here that infuriated me. Enjoy.

Here are a few of the things I've written about being gay.

Most of them come from SCULCH! 2.1 (a 'zine I put out in July '96).

Queerness and Boy George
A little queerness goes a long way.

Gay Males and Lesbian Sex
What's the point in strappin' on a dildo?

Boring Sex
Under 18: Run, run away.

Barrel FeverDavid Sedaris is such a wonderful writer.

If you need to by someone a gift and don't know what to get, just buy this book - or his new one, Naked, which is out now. Or force someone to read it, they will love it.
It's Barrel Fever

(Little Brown & Co., ISBN # 0-316-77942-3)

Glen's Homophobia Newsletter Vol.3, No.2
If you takes the time to read this story, I promise, you won't regret it. It's great.

I highly recommend anything by Paul Burston for pop culture commentary.

I don't know much about him other than he is (if he still is) Time Out's Gay Editor.
Check out What Are You Looking At?
(Cassell, ISBN # 0-304-34300-5)

Putting My Foot in It
The inspiration for my own Gay Males & Lesbian Sex article.

This is an article about Being a Fag that I found in JOCK magazine.

It appeared in the June 1987 issue. A while back I bought a lot of 80's porn magazines and ran across this article.

It's funny because I had written a similar article about Fag Power before I ever saw this article.
It was great to see my sentiments written almost a decade earlier.

Zack 1.2
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