These are my LIKES & LINKS
so where do you want to go today ?

how about music,
there's school & work,
i just added queers & sex ,
you could look at entertainment shit,
miscellaneous cool stuff,
or individual people


saint etienne
10,000 maniacs
natalie merchant
velocity girl

they're just too cute, k records that is

school & work

i graduated from the university of louisville in 1996
and now i attend the university of illinois at chicago

i used to work at kinko's - it's sucks

queers & sex

all that's queer is at the data lounge
look at aids project los angeles
there's gay men's health crisis
a sassy-esque safer sex page

check out gerber-hart gay and lesbian archives
coalition for positive sexuality is a chicago group with a great message
this is pride - uic's gay group


i watch the daily show everyday
this is the movie hackers
beautiful thing is a wonderful movie
the music box shows great films and is near my apartment

cool stuff

see what the abrupt guys are doing these days
see what's happening in iceland's queer community
frequency resolve has interesting writing and design
i stumbled across barton's den of iniquity and liked it
you must see the etoy tanksystem
more culture jamming and stuff at the onion
chack out the egotistical site of the week, it's all about you


a great guy chris i went to school with
a cutie in iceland named gusti
a friend of mine nikki from high school
a good photo site
this is the funky diva, it's a fun
i used to work with max
curtis and his dull life
i've known rob for years now
i went to high school with ty
recovering club kid beta and his wonderwoman shrine
one opinionated bitch and great friend

Zack 1.2
Copyright 1997 Superstar Productions and DNA

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