What I've done
on my summer vacation,
so far.

This isn't exactly what I'd planned on putting here, but I thought I should use this space for something. I do plan on putting some interesting writing here eventually, but you'll have to deal for now. If you really want to know what my original plan was, you can still check it out. But I'm putting pictures on this page.
I'll put them in chronological order, although most are from my birthday party. Others are just from random times before or after. I'll explain.

This is Rob. I think he looks very sweet here.
I guess you could say that we dated for a few weeks.
He's not too happy with me now.

Etienne and I hung out a few times.
He took me to the beach for the first time.
It was great.

Me at the beach at night.

Kevin's friend Chris the day of the Dyke March.
He's grabbing himself.
God bless the wide-angle lens.

Here is Syndy at my party.
I'm just saying.

Wendy and Kevin looking fabulous.
Now this is truly why I love wide-angle lenses.
Isn't he a dreamboat?

Coco enjoying her cider. She is Kevin's roommate.
She use to like the color purple, but then she lost interest.
(Note: You may have seen a slanderous caption here earlier
that was absolutely NOT true.
I have retracted it and offer my sincere apologies to Coco and anyone
who suffered because of my cruel words.)

My good friend Meredith looking vicious or something,
not quite drunk.

Jeff is my roommate.
Lisa came up from Louisville for the holiday weekend.

Kevin and myself in the backseat of the car
going to the bowling alley.

Here we are after Rock 'n' Bowl.
It's Cindy, Barkley, Kevin, Meredith, Alex and Coco.
It was way cool.

Zack 1.2
Copyright 1997 Superstar Productions and DNA

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