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I could say The Gallery, but that's cliche.

No one is truly an original artist. All of us get influences from other artists. The trick is to take that and make it your own. I agree with Holly Roberts when she says that artists are like filters. We are always looking around, then we take that into our art. We are filters for the rest of society. As I develop as an artist it is important for me to look at the artists whom I respect and learn from them.

So below is a small survey of my own work. Most recently I participated in a group show called Geisto. It was an show of eleven American artists exhibiting in Berlin. I had seven photos in the show. There is also some other work that I have done in graduate school and work from undergraduate. I have a little about artists that inspire me and then some random art-related articles and such. Enjoy.


These are the seven photos that were exhibited in a group show at Museumsakademie in Berlin.

A shot of me at the opening.

	Geisto opening - 14. November 1997
These were hung as and are meant to be viewed as a series. The above image gives you some sort of idea of the installation.

	West		1997, C print,   30"x 40"
	Grass		1997, C print,   30"x 40"
	Tracks		1997, C print,   30"x 40"	
	Senior		1997, C print,   30"x 40"
	Uncut		1997, C print,   30"x 40"
	Wig		1997, C print,   30"x 40"
	Crane		1997, C print,   30"x 40"

Grad School

These are pieces that never really materialized. They were experiments that led me to new things, I just never printed them.

These are all just working titles too.

This piece was printed - the culmination of the above pieces.
	Untitled  1996, C print,   approx. 84"x 30"

My History

I graduated from the University of Louisville in Louisville, Kentucky with my Bachelor of Fine Arts in 1996. I learned everything I know about photography from my two professors, Don Anderson and Suzanne Mitchell. They introduced to me to photography as an art. They also taught me that photography has no boundaries. Their work and my own seem to be about pushing photography into new areas. My Statement of Purpose for graduate school says more about my history of art and philosophy.

My senior show consisted of five mural-size photographs.

	Too Close To The Flame  1996, C print,   72"x 30"
	Latin Club President    1996, C prints,  60"x 84"
	Momma                   1996, C print,   84"x 30"
	True Love               1996, C prints, 156"x 90"
	Reverse                 1996, C print,   30"x 60"

I am currently pursuing my masters of Fine Arts at the University of Illinois at Chicago. I am doing the same type of photography. The challenges for me are in the craft and manipulation of the images. Most of my peers and faculty seem to think my photos look like Wired or Mondo 2000 images - a little too mainstream for them. But I take it as a compliment. I am also interested in digital imagery and installation art. I do a little of that here and there but nothing I'm terribly excited about.

Here are a few more pieces from undergraduate school.
	Zack  6                   1995, C print,   20"x 24"
	Zack  9                   1995, C print,   20"x 24"
	Zack 11                   1995, C print,   20"x 24"
	Zack 12                   1995, C print,   20"x 24"


Holly Roberts

Steer Holly Roberts is an artist I was first introduced to in a history of photography class and by just by looking around I would run into her photographs. Her work is interesting in that she paints on top of photographic images. See my book-report style paper on her for more information about her process.

I appreciate her artwork because she has truly pushed photography into a new area. She is a kind, gentle woman whom I was privileged enough to interview in 1995. This interview contains lots of questions about grad school (keep in mind that I hadn't applied at the time and was unsure if I wanted to).



This is an article by Thomas McEvilley about an ancient Greek who could possibly be called the first "performance artist". His views on life and living are very interesting. This article was originally published in Artforum.

Zack 1.2
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