First off, "Geisto" comes from the German geist, we all know that means ghost or spirit. Adding the "o" Americanizes the word likening it to a product, like "Dran-o." The exhibition included a dozen artists showing work created specifically for this cultural exchange.
I created a series of seven 30-inch by 40-inch color photographs using a combination of my travel photos and appropriated images. Each photograph has two layers Đ a background image and a white overlay Đ for a total of fourteen elements within the series.  
museumsakademie berlin
Located in the Mitte, the heart of Berlin's burgeoning art scene, the original Geisto opening was very well-attended and the exhibition received numerous favorable reviews in the Berlin media.  
Geisto opening in Berlin

Geisto announcement

Kčnstlerhaus Hamburg e.V.
While in Berlin, the exhibition was visited by a few members of gallery cooperative from Hamburg. Impressed with the work, they requested taking the exhibition to Hamburg. the exhibition was similarly well-received in Hamburg.  
Geisto installation in Hamburg
    = Geisto

→Read my thesis for detailed explanations of Geisto and other artwork.